VCV Rack 2.02 Pro clock syncing in Cubase 11 – #6 by omniphonix – VCV Rack

Missing something obvious I’m sure so can anyone enlighten me please?
Trying to sync Cubase’s tempo with – VCV midi-CV – into – Clocked – into – Seq3.
The problem –
Seq3 is syncing nearly an 8th note triplet ahead of Cubase’s metronome.
Settings –
Midi-CV Clock diver = 24ppqn. Connections to Clocked are (Midi-CV) Clock/N to (Clocked) BPM
(Midi-CV) Start to (Clocked) Reset and Run.
Clocked. Mode = P24. Set to “on stop send reset pulse”.
Seq3 receives Reset, Run and Clock 1 from Clocked
Note – Clocked BPM displays Cubase tempo correctly at different tempos.
Probably didn’t need all that detail as it’s probably something very simple.
Thanks in advance

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