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I have some feature requests for Falcon:

– Improved GUI speed, esp. the EQ drawing seems to be very slow on my m1pro mac. A gui speed just like UVI Shade.
– The comb filter modes of UVI Shade inside the digital EQ (so you can use it on voice level)
– Some more saturation options for each filter in the eq, similar to fabfilter twin 3 / volcano 3.

Then I am trying UVI Shade, it is a very nice plugin, and the gui is superb, fast, simple and fluent. Only I have some suggestions, too:

– Instead switching a band between stereo/L/R/MID/SIDE, it would be cool if it was a panner, blending between L and R or MID and SIDE. Similar to kirchhoff eq.
– If there is no oversampling, then 2x oversampling optionally (can’t tell actually)

Thanks for consideration.

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