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hogberto wrote:

Sat Dec 04, 2021 3:52 pm

Just bought Drum Designer.

Fairly happy with it so far, but turns out it won’t sync to Logic’s transport controls. Weird. Even my old £30 iDrum could do that.

Personal preference really. I prefer drum machines/synths that only sync to the MIDI and don’t automatically play a pattern just because a DAW is playing. It’s simple enough to just stick one eight bar long C4 note in the drum MIDI track that goes into Drum Designer to get it to play the whole pattern, all 4 pages.
There are some other keyswitches between C4 and C5, for starting a pattern on a particular page either at the start or half way through.
mDrummer is particularly good with keyswitches and you can set up some amazing verse/chorus/break/fill structures with it. I tend to use that to drive drum synths like Drum Designer rather than use DD’s inbuilt sequencer so that’s where it helps that DD doesn’t just start playing as soon as you start the DAW playing.

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