Using symbolic links with the scripts – #3 by btschumy – Siril

New Siril user here. I am using Siril to preprocess images for variable star photometry. The built-in Mono_Preprocessing script seems to do what I need.

I have a library of darks, flats, biases that I would like to use for this. Rather than copying in the darks, flats, biases directories to each project home directory, I was hoping I could just add a symbolic link to the directory in the library (this is on macOS). That way it wouldn’t take up extra space and I wouldn’t have to delete them after preprocessing.

However, it seems that Siril doesn’t like the symbolic links. It complains about it not being a directory.

Is there a different/better way to accomplish this? Alternatively, can Siril be changed so it properly follows the symlink?

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