Using Musescore as singing aid

I am a chorister and use Musescore to learn to sing choral parts. It is well suited to this task but there is one drawback – when navigating around the score by click-dragging on the score with the mouse it is very easy to inadvertently click-drag a note, or a bar line, or a word of the lyrics, etc. thereby mangling the score, and disrupting my flow!

Can anyone suggest a solution to this problem? I realise that this is probably an edge case for Musescore users as the program is really dedicated to editing and composing scores, rather than learning to sing them, but maybe there is a simple fix which experienced users know about?

Of course I can set the file readonly before opening it in Musescore but this does not prevent me editing it, it only prevents me saving those edits. And, in any case, I often would like to save the file if, for example, I have changed the balance of the voices, or changed the tempo, etc. But this is a detail because I can (and do) make changes to these type of parameters, and then save the file to preserve these settings for later occasions. And I can then set it read only so that there is no danger of permanently mangling the score. But still, it’s irksome to have to exercise caution about where I click, lest I might then have to select Edit/Undo, when all I wanted to do is to grab the score and move it – scroll it both left-right and up-down. I want to get on and sing, not be drawn into computer mode by clumsy use of the mouse 🙂

Yes, I can do this with the (Ctrl)PgUp/Down keys but this is not intuitive and is visually jerky and disruptive cf using the mouse/finger.

Thanks for reading this far, any ideas gratefully received!

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