Using ffmpeg to print onto video clip actual time and duration from original clip

I am using arch linux and bash and ffmpeg, all are up to date and the latest versions.

I am clipping a video that is 30 seconds long and wish to clip from 5 secs to 10 seconds to another file.

In the bottom right hand corner of the clip I wish to show timestamps from the original video as follows

  • in the 5th second 00:00:05/ 00:00:30
  • in the 6th second 00:00:06/ 00:00:30
  • in the 7th second 00:00:07/ 00:00:30
  • in the 8th second 00:00:08/ 00:00:30
  • in the 9th second 00:00:09/ 00:00:30
  • in the 10th second 00:00:10/ 00:00:30

All I have so far is this, which does not do what I want as it only counts the elapsed time from t=0 of the clip


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