Unity 3D Developer for Metaverse Project at Dreamwalk Technologies Limited Hong Kong

Job Description


Job Description:

·Responsible for the development and formulation of 3D scene models and texture production in the company’s blockchain Web 3D front-end related projects;

·Complete the overall production of Web 3D according to the needs, including scene construction, surface map drawing, lighting layout, and baking light mapping;

• Optimize the performance and architecture of the Web 3D front-end to improve system performance, reliability and scalability.

Job Requirements:

·Familiar with Unity3D engine architecture.

·Familiar with 3D graphics and Shader programming.

·Have complete and successfully launched Unity3D project development experience.

·Proficient in C#, good programming habits, familiar with various design patterns.

· Familiar with Javascript/Typescript language is preferred.

· Strong ability to learn new technologies

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