u-he Plugins Causing Freezing / Crashing in FL Studio 20.8.4 – Page 2 – u-he Forum

I haven’t had any issues with any U-he plugins and have most of them, and been using them for years now, but I’ve bought repro recently and since I’ve bought it it’s crashed 5 times. 2 of those were today and it was doing something really simple like changing a preset as the track was playing. Another time it was changing the wave shape from square to saw.
In each case, the sound cut out completely. I could see FL’s play marker was still moving, and then FL crashed. I own hundreds of plugins, and FL is rock solid now and never crashes, so this is unusual.
All my plugins are installed on the C drive, and it’s pretty much a clean system.
It was the 64bit vst2 that crashed today, so I changed to the 64bit vst3 and it crashed again.
I filed a ticket, but i’ve now lost confidence in Repro and won’t use it again as it’s not reliable….which is a shame because I love the thing and it was fast becoming my favourite.

I have filed a ticket after it crashed a few hours ago, but now that its crashed again, I wanted to see if anyone else was having issues and wound up here where it seems it’s not an isolated incident.
Please fix this and restore my faith in Repro because I cannot use it like this, and it’s too late for me to ask for a refund.

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