Tutorial 01 – Overview / FabFilter Saturn with Rory Webb

This week we welcome back Rory from Hyper Production for a look at FabFilter’s awesome saturator and distortion plug-in, FabFilter Saturn.

This cool looking plugin has become the go-to saturator/distortion plug-in for most producers out there and it’s easy to see, and more importantly hear why.

Saturn is a multiband saturation and distortion unit with a flexible modulation routing system onboard and when you begin to run audio through it, you’re shown a useful real-time audio display.
Saturn starts with just one band covering the full spectrum by default but you can then easily and dynamically create new bands by placing dividers on top of the display of the incoming audio. Once you have chosen your bands, Saturn has its own set of controls to affect its section of the audio signal and allows you to pick one of its distortion engines – tube, tape, amp, saturation and experimental.
However, this is just scratching the surface of this incredibly useful plugin as each band also includes EQ sliders, frequency and feedback and dynamic knobs not to mention it’s sophisticated modulation system!

Over these two videos Rory firstly runs through the cool looking user interface and different parameters, before moving on to using the plug-in with real world examples to show what it can do.

Definitely a plug-in worth checking out!

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