Trying to understand how to open a Wasapi device if I already know the friendly name or device id

How would I go about setting a Wasapi device based on its Device ID?
For example my device id for a specific audio device is {}.{bddbb7cc-a684-4668-ac06-23c2a059ed03}
In the snippet of code below I’m able to activate the default microphone. Any idea how would I adjust this code to force the device above?

                    MMDevice defaultMicrophone;
                    DeviceId = deviceId;
                    using (var deviceEnumerator = new MMDeviceEnumerator())
                        defaultMicrophone = deviceEnumerator.GetDefaultAudioEndpoint(DataFlow.Capture, Role.Communications);
                    _wasapiCapture = new WasapiCapture();
                    _wasapiCapture.Device = defaultMicrophone;

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