Trying to do a LV2 plugin with lv2-rust but lv2:inPlaceBroken is not supported by Ardour

Hi, I’m trying to create a LV2 plugin to use in Ardour, coding in Rust with the lv2-rust library.

The plugin must be lv2:inPlaceBroken, because Rust cannot have two pointers to the same address (by design).

Ardour just rejects it because it doesn’t support lv2:inPlaceBroken.

Is there any plan to include support for this? Probably just means that for this specific case Ardour needs to allocate two independent buffers instead of one. Yes it is slower, but if it’s only for these plugins it would be fine.

Also, I don’t have full understanding on what lv2:inPlaceBroken does, or more specifically, what happens if this feature is not requested; which pointers are shared and how. Maybe I can just “lie” about this and take this onto account while coding.

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