Thinking about trying Manjaro | [H]ard|Forum

It take no more time to install and configure than any other distro that I’ve used. It may even be a bit faster because the option is built in to install the closed source video drivers if you’re using nVidia so there’s no need to install and configure a separate repo or anything for that.

I’ve never really used Ubuntu or derivatives because I don’t care for Debian based distros but I doubt there is going to be much, if any difference in capability. If the standard repos don’t have what you’re looking for there’s a very good chance you can install it from the AUR. Also, Arch/Manjaro is probably one of the best documented distros out there if you run into any sort of problem.

I doubt you’re going to run into any hardware incompatibilities that you also wouldn’t run into with other distros and maybe even fewer since it’s a stable rolling release distro. Manjaro is likely to have fewer issues with newer hardware as new hardware comes out since it is rolling release. It is easy enough to check hardware incompatibilities by booting the live version off a USB stick (which is the same way you’d install it) and checking your hardware.

I’ve been using Manjaro as my exclusive daily driver for more than a year and I have no complaints and ran a dual boot of it and Windows for at least a couple of years before that. I also moved my server from openSUSE (which I had used for around 12-13 years) to Manjaro and haven’t had any issues there either.

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