The Trilogy Almost Had A VR Mode

A recent Twitter post from Ben Walker — head editor at RockstarINTEL — showed footage VR being used in the remastered edition of “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.” According to Walker, the VR command can be found in a debug menu under the name “GTA.VR.1,” implying that it was originally intended to be included as part of the remastered collection’s release. “There is a debug Unreal command for GTA VR but it looks a little bit unfinished,” Walker said in the post. “Maybe it would be cool if they implemented this as a first-person option? It plays pretty well. Gunfights and punching will need tweaking, would be super cool for screenshots!”

According to a report from Eurogamer, the VR feature can only be accessed using mods and the aforementioned debug menu. An official VR mode for “San Andreas” specifically has been advertised as coming to Oculus Quest 2 in the past, so time will tell if these files were originally intended to be released concurrently with the “Definitive Edition” or if they’re still on the horizon.

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