Tetrad Blended Rompler Series by New Nation Audio

Merge The Worlds Of Analog, Digital & Live Sounds

Fuse the warmth and character of analog gear, the versatility of digital synthesis, and the organic essence of live recordings. Immerse yourself in a sonic realm where vintage analog textures, cutting-edge digital tones, and real-world performances coalesce to inspire creativity like never before. From lush pads and rich textures to expressive leads and vibrant melodic instruments. Create captivating soundscapes with depth, character, and an unmistakable modern edge.


  • 135 Multi-Sampled Instruments.
  • 3 Plugins:
    • Tetrad Keys.
    • Tetrad Guitars.
    • Tetrad Winds.
  • Full FX Suite including Stereo Dimension with up too 200% Width Emulation.
  • Quad Rompler Engines allow for nearly endless layering & blending options.

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