Testing section – #7 by PixLab – G’MIC

Testing is a catchall for filters but it doesn’t indicate the quality. Non-testing filters tend to be more official. E.g., there already exists a split_details. At one point, I implemented my own version (albeit under a different name) and placed it under Details. David moved it back to Testing (or rather, linked it back to Testing via stdlib). No problem, but I like clean code, so I changed my afre.gmic file to reflect that change.

Another thing is that David integrates our ideas and discussions into more official and often more refined or faster scripts. Kind of peeves me a bit but completely understandable for consistency and effectiveness. Those filters will have precedence over “Testing” and community filters.

My current approach is that I don’t care too much where my filters land. However, I do prefer them to be outside of testing if

  1. Someone tells me a particular filter is useful to them.
  2. I make a filter for someone to use based on their requirements.

In these cases, the filter should have prominence since there is an actual use case. Unfortunately, I don’t get much feedback on my filters. Maybe I have once or twice but forgot to bring them outside of Testing. Anyway, it isn’t a big deal since we have the search function in the plugin.

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