TAF SMOOTH by Overloud – TH-U Rig Library Plugin VST Audio Unit AAX


Supercab IR Library: 1×12 Cab with Tayden Smooth 12 Alnico speakers.


Based on a alternative color speaker of 2 shades, this tried to re-create that vibe and capture its magic. it did a great job, although if smooth is your thing then its great for fusion and anything melodic, although it CAN do harder stuff, but letting it sing is what its best at.
– Andy (TheAmpFactory).


The library is created for the TH-U SuperCabinet, which allows to:

  • graphically browse the IRs in the library.
  • blend them together.
  • craft new cabinet tones with the unique Multiband mode.
  • use the IR in the software.
  • export the IRs in .wav, compatible with the software IR loaders and all the major hardware modelers.


  • Speaker: Tayden Smooth 12 Alnico.
  • Origin: 1×12 Cab.
  • Mic Pre: Neve 1073VR.
  • Pre-EQ: YES.
  • HPF/LPF: Active.

The IRs have been captured using the following 14 microphones:

  • AKG* C414.
  • Audix* i5.
  • Beyerdynamic* M160.
  • DPA* 4011.
  • Electrovoice* RE20.
  • Neumann* U47.
  • Neumann* U87.
  • Peluso* R14.
  • Royer* 121.
  • Sennheiser* MD421.
  • ShinyBox* 46MXL.
  • Shure* 545 SD.
  • Shure* SM7B.
  • Shure* SM57.
  • Sony* C800G.

Every microphone has been moved to 4 different horizontal position (Cap, Cap Edge, Cone and Cone Edge) and two distances, for a total of 8 IRs each.

All IRs in the library are phase alined, so they can be blended with no phase cancellations.

{See video at top of page}

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