System Error after installing R package

Thank you all for your inputs. I managed to figure it out.

The problem arose as a result of missing GTK+ file. I’m not exactly sure what GTK+ really is, but I know that GTK+ is a preliminary file needed to install the Rattle Package. Here’s the step I took to download the GTK+ file.

  1. First, remove all the tabs opened in RStudio.
  2. Use install.packages to download Rattle package. A window should pop up asking to see if you want to download GTK+. Click Yes.
  3. Restart RStudio.

I tried closing all the tabs and installing rattle but no pop up appear for me. I then tried installing the package “RGTK2” (fyi, my R studio is version 3.2.0) and after completing this installation, the error message can be closed off.

I restarted Rstudio and the rterm.exe error didn’t appear anymore.

I had this issue.

1) Close all open source code tabs

2) install.packages("RGtk2")

I didn’t even need to restart R-Studio

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