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There’s 21 pages here and 13 in the other thread, so forgive me if this has already been covered…

Q1 : But how do I get the presets for the Syntronik2 synths to show up in SampleTank4?

Q2 : And why would some of those Syntronik2 synths be showing up there twice, with a couple of them showing as ‘locked’ the second time they show up?

Im only pointing it at ST3, ST4, Syntronik, Syntronik2 and SampleTron2 folders, so it doesnt make sense.

Q3: Also; Ive seen some of the posts indicating you seem to have to reinstall Syntronik1 content to get more than a tiny handful Syntronik2 compatible presets for those synths. Is that correct? What do you do if you cant download those installers any more?

Im finding ST4 to be a bit of a mess regarding older content anyway. Im pretty much having to keep ST3 installed because I cant get anything to properly show up in ‘ST3 Imports’ within ST4, while ST3 has its own ‘Imported Instruments’ folder for ST2 content. Seriously, how difficult would it be manage this properly in the ST4 instrument browser?
What bothers me is that by now, I cant tell if there’s older imported content thats actually missing, just because of how convoluted it all is.

Probably not vurt.

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