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Vasi wrote:

Thu Jun 10, 2021 11:37 am

They have BETAs with Bigger GUIs (Full of Bugs again). IMHO Surreal Machines is a bunch of liars. Black Friday Company, Nothing for the Future.

Are you saying that you are currently beta testing for them? If so then the point of doing that is to find bugs and inform them so they can fix them. Complaining about bugs in beta versions of software is dumb, and complaining about them in public when the beta is meant to be private is a scummy thing to do.

Unless you were implying that their currently released products are so dodgy that you consider them no better than beta quality, in which case I can only say I’ve had no issues with Modnetic and Diffuse, although no two people have identical setups.

I do wish they’d update their dub machines with larger GUIs though. They’re not unusably tiny, but a larger size would definitely be appreciated.

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