Support for lilypond and LaTeX – New features

Right up front, this is somewhat far afield of what most people think of when they think of SonarCube, and so I don’t really anticipate that there will be sufficient community interest for this to actually get acted upon by SonarSource. As a hobby, I typeset music and create song books for use by some small choirs I’m a part of. I typeset the music using lilypond, and construct books using lilypond and LaTeX. Both use well defined declarative languages to describe the music and documents. I plan to employ CI/CD practices to some of my larger projects and want SonarCube to be a part of that.

I fully expect that I will need to write my own plugins to support these two languages. I guess I’m posting this so that the community is aware of some of the more esoteric applications people are using SonarCube with. And maybe get some positive vibes heading my way as I dive into this.

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