SuperCollider ‘add actions’ in Max – MaxMSP Forum

I’m coming from a long stint with SuperCollider and trying to find some way to implement SuperCollider’s ‘add actions’.

These functions add a synth voice to a specific point in a signal chain – for example ‘.addToTail’ adds the synth voice to the end of the signal chain, and ‘.addToHead’ adds to the beginning of the signal chain.

I am trying to do this in a poly~ with multiple patcher names (attached), so that the filter comes after the reverb in the signal chain, but it seems like it just mixes the signals together.

Any other way to achieve this? I want to be able to dynamically construct an effects chain, with envelopes and DSP muting in poly so that I can spawn one effect directly after the other without mixing them, kind of like guitar pedals connected in series.

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