STX-70 by Sampletrip – Kontakt 5

STX-70 is a Kontakt 5 Library inspired by FM Synthesis Electric Piano sounds created on Yamaha TX7 Synthesizer Module to capture the sound quality and feeling of the original 12-Bit FM Electric Pianos of “Mid-80s” used widely on countless Ballads and Hits of that Era.

It is one of the best and authentic “FM Piano” Kontakt Libraries available because of the sampling quality and extensive multi-sampling. In comparison to our other “FM Piano” Libraries, this one is by far the most advanced and extensive multi-sampled.

The user-friendly interface incorporated the FM Tones for instant use and easy adjustment of basic effects / tone selection via the main window, without the need of using the “edit” mode.


Kontakt 5 full version 5.8.1 and above is required to run this library.

(Not Kontakt Player).

8 GB of RAM is recommended.


  • Total size is 9,45 GB (16,4 GB before .ncw compression).
  • 7.481 Wave Samples.
  • 14 Multisampled sounds.
  • 44 Snapshots.

{See video at top of page}

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