src:csound-plugins: unsatisfied build dependency in testing: libgmm++-dev

Source: csound-plugins
Version: 1.0.2~dfsg1-2
Severity: serious
Tags: sid bookworm
Usertags: edos-uninstallable
Control: block -1 by 1023788

Dear maintainer(s),

Dose [1] is reporting a build issue with your package, it's missing a
build dependency. Obviously your build dependencies shouldn't be
removed from testing, but unfortunately there are multiple scenarios
where that can happen nevertheless. To uphold our social contract,
Debian requires that packages can be rebuild from source in the suite
we are shipping them, so currently this is a serious issue with your
package in testing.

Can you please investigate the situation and figure out how to resolve
it? Regularly, if the build dependency is available in unstable,
helping the maintainer of your Build-Depends to enable migration to
testing is a great way to solve the issue. If your build dependency is
gone from unstable and testing, you'll have to fix the build process
in some other way.

In this case, src:getfem took over from src:getfem++ but it is blocked
because if fails to build from source on s390x, see bug #1023788.


Note: this bug report was sent after some quick manual checks using a
template. Please reach out to me if you believe I made a mistake in my



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