soql – Problem with API Query Python

I am trying to create a query with python using a IN clause :

COMMENT_IDS = ",".join(f"'{w}'" for w in lst_ids)
get_comments = sf_api_call('/services/data/v53.0/query/', {
               'q': 'SELECT Id, Name, frm_LastModifiedDate__c, frm_ExternalCommentId__c, frm_ExternalCommentReplyId__c, frm_ExtenalTopicId__c, frm_Topic__c,  frm_MigrationFlag__c, LastModifiedDate, frm_CommentBodyValue__c '+ 
                f'FROM frm_Post__c WHERE frm_ExternalCommentId__c IN ({COMMENT_IDS})'
                }, keys = keys)

But I notice that the result only shows 250 records.
I check the same query with the Query editor and retrieve 629.

Note: I check that the credentials are from the same org.

I would like to know what happened

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