Something new to match raw sawtooth power of old Strobe? – Instruments Forum

Can I have some recommendation for a synth that can match the raw sawtooth sound of the old Strobe? (1, not 2. I had Strobe2 and it just didn’t do it for me)

Maybe it’s just my perception, but I can’t get anything to match _that_ sound. You know what I mean, that old raw ‘deadmau5’ saw sound. I’ve done some tracks with Strobe years ago, I loved that unfiltered sawthooth.
Went through my current collection of synths and they all have their own sound, nothing quite so cutting like the ole Strobe (went through Serum, all the Arturias, Roland, u-he Diva, Synapse synths, Falcon…).

Anything you reckon has _that_ sound? Something I should try (that’s still available, and would run on new M1 Pro Mac).

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