[Solved] How Autodesk Forge viewer manages multiple scenes to select multiple elements

Here are two methods that shows you how to access the bounding boxes of specific components based on their fragmentIds:

//returns bounding box as it appears in the viewer
// (transformations could be applied)
function getModifiedWorldBoundingBox(fragIds, fragList) {

  var fragbBox = new THREE.Box3();
  var nodebBox = new THREE.Box3();

  fragIds.forEach(function(fragId) {

    fragList.getWorldBounds(fragId, fragbBox);

  return nodebBox;

 // Returns bounding box as loaded in the file
 // (no explosion nor transformation)
function getOriginalWorldBoundingBox(fragIds, fragList) {

  var fragBoundingBox = new THREE.Box3();
  var nodeBoundingBox = new THREE.Box3();

  var fragmentBoxes = fragList.boxes;

  fragIds.forEach(function(fragId) {
    var boffset = fragId * 6;
    fragBoundingBox.min.x = fragmentBoxes[boffset];
    fragBoundingBox.min.y = fragmentBoxes[boffset+1];
    fragBoundingBox.min.z = fragmentBoxes[boffset+2];
    fragBoundingBox.max.x = fragmentBoxes[boffset+3];
    fragBoundingBox.max.y = fragmentBoxes[boffset+4];
    fragBoundingBox.max.z = fragmentBoxes[boffset+5];

  return nodeBoundingBox;

You can find a comprehensive sample from the blog post below:

Getting bounding boxes of each component in the viewer

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