ShapeMaster Timing Problem | Patchstorage

I couldn’t get rid of this hickup happening in my patch, so I cleaned it up to the point where there’s only some essential modules and connections to show my problem.

The topleft Shapemaster is setup as a clock divider.

Counting backwards from 1/4 note at 480ms to have 125BPM
I have the 8th channel at 1.92s (0.48s * 4)
the 7th at 7.68s
the 6th at 30.72s
the 5th at 122.88s
the 4th at 491.52s
Every channel triggers the next one with 4 even triggers per channel.

–>attach an audio device and press ‘Run’ on the first shapemaster, the rest of the patch plays a kick on the downbeat and a snare on the upbeat.

What happens is that, about 1 in 2 times, when the 6th channel is retriggered there’s a hickup.

My idea of what could be happening:
From previous testing, where I had a quarter note at 477ms, I’ve noticed that there where not enough significant numbers for punching in a length of 122.112s ,the last digit gets dropped.
This does not happen when you punch in 122.88.

So it seems that the interface can handle 5 significant numbers. Could it be that, altough you can punch in 122.88, the code behind it still has trouble reading it and can in fact only handle 4?

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