Serious issue with Replika XT 1.2.1 (Feedback is not set correctly on project load!)

Hi guys, I recently upgraded from 1.1.0 to 1.2.1 and I noticed that a fresh mixdown of my track sounded different. Upon further investigation, I found that Replika XT 1.2.1 is not correctly setting Feedback on project load.

My system is Windows 11 / Cubase 11 Pro and here are the steps to reproduce:

1. Install Replika XT 1.1.0
2. Create a new project in Cubase, add an instrument track with any synth and a Replika XT instance and set Feedback to 95%
3. Play a note and confirm you hear a very long feedback
4. Save the project, close Cubase and upgrade to 1.2.1
5. Open the project and inspect Replika XT, you’ll notice that it shows 95% for the Feedback and seems to look OK
6. Now play a note and you’ll see that the feedback is much shorter
7. Move the Feedback knob back and forward a 94.5% and then back to 95% and you’ll hear the Feedback correct itself

Saving and reopening the project does not resolve the issue either, the feedback is always not correctly loaded.

I can reproduce this in Modern mode, all other modes seem to be OK.

If I then browse to my VST3 folder, delete the VST3 version and restart Cubase, I can see that the VST2 version takes over. Now when I open the same project, the feedback is set to 46%.

After deleting the VST3 version, I attempted to reproduce the problem with the VST2 version but that seems to recall Feedback settings perefctly.

So in summary this problem only occurs with the VST3 version and Modern mode.


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