Schedule Jhub notebook using papermill – JupyterHub

Hi there,

We are trying to see the stability of the Jhub by frequently running some hive queries during throughout the day. May be every two hours. This is something like a health check.
I am able to run a Jhub not book using papermill. I have one doubt, at the moment I copy my healthcheck.ipynb file from /home/myid/ to /home/admin because I need to run few queries that have few tables and I don’t have access to those tables so I must run as admin. My question is if I create a ipynb from Jhub and then move that file to admin location and then run that using papermill will it really capture the current jupyterhub status. For instance if Jhub web app is down then when I run it from admin location using papermill will, it throw error or not. I want it should capture error so that I know the health check is failed due to web app is down.

Please clarify.


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