Scaler 2.5 update has a Suggest feature. – Tips & Tricks Forum

In fact, I use Scaler on RC and RC with Scaler on Ableton and Reaper. Also Chordpotion, and recently Instacomposer.
Musical globalization: I use everything I have to make music.
I love Scaler. The latest update is great, with slick vintage key and guitar sounds, plus new progressions. But the really good thing to not waste time is that new function of suggesting chords or finishing filling in a progression from that suggestion. Although Scaler already had enough tools to decide how to continue such as modulations by mediants,, the circle of fifths, etc. (I keep using them, despite the new suggest tool), this new option makes life easier. The Scaler developers have taken very seriously all the suggestions that from the Scaler Forum
And certainly Scaler progressions can be perfectly used in RapidComposer to generate new things from there that RC always does very well. I also use it in the opposite direction: start from RC and continue with Scaler. What matters is having options to generate or suggest ideas to continue writing
Thank you RC Team for your continuous progress.

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