SAP Advanced Event Mesh vs Apache Kafka

Hi Experts,

Currently we have SAP SRM, S/4 HANA backend system, non SAP applications have interfaces with Supplier where we are using SAP PO as middle ware.

As part of digitalisation, For a few existing interfaces we are planning to migrate and use Event Driven Architecture, Remaining all should be migrated to SAP Integration Suite.

For interfaces where Event Driven Architecture should be used we have to choose which tool should we go for? SAP advanced Event Mesh(AEM) or Apache Kafka? Also will SAP Advanced Mesh will be part of SAP Integration Suite in future? No additional license required for SAP AEM when we have SAP Integration Suite already?

now we have 2 questions to identify which will be best fit:

1. Cost is one thing we need to compare between the two.

2. The other question is, how difficult is it (for us and for the partner system) to connect to Kafka, and how much know how do we need to build up? Is Apache Kafka complex than SAP Advanced Event Mesh?

Please suggest regarding the same, Thank you!



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