rstudio – Stop R studio from jumping to the next function

The behaviour of RStudio where Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down step the cursor between function definitions is not configurable and cannot be changed. Oddly, the same pair of keystrokes were chosen to move the scroll bar.

Your only option to avoid the conflict is to redefine the scroll up and scroll down keystrokes to something else (e.g. F8/F9 or something) so that they not longer conflict with this hardcoded option. You can then control the scroll bar using the keystrokes you have chosen without it conflicting with the behaviour where it steps between functions.

If you find you have accidentally navigated to a function you didn’t want using Ctrl+Down, you can return the cursor to where it was using the “Source Navigate Back” keystroke which defaults to Ctrl+F9.

IMO this is clearly a bug in RStudio. I would report it to them and hope that it is fixed for a future version.

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