Rewire Ableton live into Cubase? – Cubase

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to rewire Ableton Live with Cubase as the host, but when going to Studio > Rewire, the box is empty and I don’t see Live there.

I’m trying to understand why. In Ableton Live manual they say you need to run both Cubase and Live as administrator. But for me when I try to run Cubase as administrator I get the following error: “

Application ‘Cubase / Cubase Artist’ has caused the following error:

Process with the ID NOT found.

I don’t know if it’s even important? I don’t want to overcomplicate it.

Does anyone know how to rewire Live into Cubase when Cubase cannot find Live?

P.S I did run Live after I lunched Cubase, it didn’t help
My Cubase version: 10.5 Pro

Thanks in advance

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