pacman -Ql somefile should give the Qo as hint to the user.


extend the error message in case its a file, so pacman -Qo is hinted as well. see a diff below.

let me set the priority a little higher, as the change is 5 minutes.

> git diff

diff –git a/src/pacman/query.c b/src/pacman/query.c

index e3e7d844..00534ad0 100644

— a/src/pacman/query.c

+++ b/src/pacman/query.c

@@ -493,7 +493,7 @@ int pacman_query(alpm_list_t *targets)

if(!config->op_q_isfile && access(strname, R_OK) == 0) {


_(“‘%s’ is a file, you might want to use %s.n”),

– strname, “-p/–file”);

+ strname, “-p/–file, -Qo”);




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