Cardano Node + DB Sync + Graph QL vs. Blockfrost API

I’ve been contemplating the value of essentially running all your own infrastructure by deploying Cardano node, along side DB Sync and exposing it through Cardano GraphQL.

I like the idea of building essentially my own payment gateway into Cardano completely ran by myself, without the use of any third party APIs.

Given the cost of cloud solutions and per the requirements of the node/db-sync and GraphQL the costs would be around:

  • On DigitalOcean as an example, the cheapest VM that meets the basic requirements for db-sync is $120/mo
  • Blockfrost 300,000 tier is roughly $70/mo

Is the convenience of not running your own infrastructure and hooking into Blockfrost the best option for low traffic websites/dApps?

1,000,000 requests per day can go pretty quickly when running a decently sized web3 based website, though the managed IPFS storage and pinning does seem tempting.

To be clear, I think Blockfrost has done alot for the Cardano ecosystem and will probably end up going with them. This was more of a thought experiment to see both sides of the coin and lay out the strongest possible case for each. I do like the idea of running my own Cardano infrastructure but think that until you’re getting into a decent size of traffic it may be better to utilize Blockfrost.

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