Remapping midi notes by midi note value or note+octave? Midi note -> new remapping? – Bitwig Forum

Don’t need to renew my update plan to do it; I can midi map “on/off” on each instance of Notemapper. But I haven’t found a way to have “key A only turns plugin on, key B only turns plugin off” using midi mapping. So I have to press the key a second time to turn it off, which is a bit of a limitation.

Still not sure if Note Grid to turn on transposition would be any better, or even possible. It seems like it should be, but the videos and user guide are vague, and I can’t test it myself with renewing my plan. Particularly I’d like to set one note value (the number representing note and octave that is, like the one corresponding to A4) to turn on a set of transpositions for specific note values, and another note value to turn off that set while turning on a different set of transpositions.

Maybe I’ll try tech support—it’s only supposed to be available for people with an active update plan, but they might make an exception for “potential sales”.

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