Relative note notation – Roger Linn Design Forum

I’ve been doing this with guitar tabs, but just in my head. Tablature just represents the note to play via a number on a row, the numbers being relative to the open string. So if you reset your origin point, you can use tablature.

For instance, on a tab, maybe it’s 9 on the D string but that’s 13 on row 4 of the LinnStrument based on the key you have LinnStrument in. So in my head, I reset my origin to that note being 9 (even though it’s 13) and then I can somewhat sight-read. You have to subtract 1 for the high B & E strings, and that can add some confusion at first.

Having a fully relative notation system could be very confusing for playing melody lines. If every note is relative to the note that preceded it, the only absolute note would be the first note in the sequence. So if you wanted to pick up the melody in the middle, you’d have no reference point to do so unless you ran through the whole sequence from the first note to the note of interest.

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