Registering/aligning/scaling/cropping images WITHOUT stacking them – #3 by Borodog – Siril

Greetings. We have a collaborative imaging project going on over at Cloudy Nights and I would like to know whether SiriL is capable of registering/aligning/scaling/cropping images WITHOUT stacking them to a master. We have a bunch of raw, unstretched stacks in FITS format from various scopes and cameras of a single target (the Rosette Nebula in this case), and I would like to register them to a chosen master stack (the reference stack) and produce a set of corresponding unstretched versions that all have same FOV, orientation, and image scale as the reference stack. Is this possible?

Failing that, is it possible to stack images of different FOV and resolution to a chosen reference with different weights? If so, how?

Thanks for your time.

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