RbFly 0.5.0 – a library for RabbitMQ Streams using Python asyncio

I have just released version 0.5.0 of RbFly. It is a library for RabbitMQ Streams using Python asyncio

version improves connection handling when there is no communication from RabbitMQ Streams broker. New type of batching publisher is implemented, which can be used from multiple asynchronous coroutines, and allows to protect memory of an application.
The library is designed and implemented with the following features in mind

1. Simple and flexible API.

2. Use of AMQP 1.0 message format to enable interoperability between RabbitMQ Streams clients.
Performance by implementing critical sections of code using Cython,
avoiding copying of data, and testing. The testing involves use of
asyncio drop-in replacement uvloop, which improves performance of Python
asyncio based applications.
4. Auto reconnection to RabbitMQ broker with lazily created connection objects.

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