Range Splitter version 1.0 by stev on maxforlive.com

This Max for Live MIDI device allows you to split your MIDI notes into 3 separate ranges and send each range out of it’s own MIDI bus. Set the ranges by setting the “Minimum” and “Maximum” notes. Incoming notes between the minimum and maximum notes will be sent through the “Between” Bus. Notes below and above the range will be sent to the “Above” and “Below” buses respectively.

Buses can be received by my “Heap MIDI Receiver” device ( stevieschmidt.gumroad.com/l/VXabQe ) as well as my other devices which accept MIDI from buses. Just set them to the same MIDI bus channel.

Compatible devices include:

Sequential Delay Deluxe gum.co/OwDmm
Sequencing Clock Multiplier gum.co/COZJj
Sequencing Clock Divider gum.co/lUjbP
Floating Clock Multiplier gum.co/jvpmV
Integral Clock Divider gum.co/PYEAcT

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