r – Ensuring RStudio always restarts in administrator mode

Sometimes I receive notifications that I am trying to updating already-loaded packages from RStudio and am prompted to choose if I want to restart R(Studio) or not. I’ve noticed that sometimes I will have write permission issues after this, despite having RStudio set to run as an administrator. My hunch is that this is because I have set the permissions for a specific shortcut (see below) and not for RStudio itself (if this even happens) — accordingly when it restarts, it isn’t restarting the same way as I ran the program in the first place and thus is not in administrator mode.

Am I correct that this can happen and, if so, is there some sore of way to consistently ensure it is run in administrator mode? I’m asking this on SO since I’m guessing there is probably a way within R or on the command line to ensure this, if it can indeed happen. I’m on a single-user Windows 10 machine.

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