Question – Collaborative AR using Vuforia Model Targets


I am trying to develop a collaborative AR scenario in unity. I’ve used Photon to connect players and Vuforia for Object Tracking.

The scenario I am trying to achieve is as follows:

1. Detect some object and track them using Vuforia and
2. Enable multiple users to see the object spawned on top of the detected object at a synchronised position.

I could detect the same object individually using different devices; however I don’t want to do that considering the fact that Vuforia seems to have the limitation of detecting one object at a time within a particular frame.

So, if User 1 detects a cube and augments a 3d model on top of it, I want User 2 to be able to see the augmentation on the *same position as User 1* keeping in mind that User 2 will be actively tracking another model target using their device.

Is there way to *display the augmentations at a synchronised position* across multiple users?


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