python – Why does spaCy run slower in a difference conda environment?

I used JupyterLab to preprocess a larger set of text documents with spaCy. While there’s overall no problem, I’ve noticed that there’s a huge speed difference when I use different conda kernels / virtual environments. The difference is about 10x.

Both environments have the same version of spaCy and NumPy installed; also both using the same Python version (3.9.15).

numpy                   1.23.4          py39h14f4228_0
spacy                   3.3.1           py39h79cecc1_0

so I cannot tell where the speed difference might come from. Maybe it’s from another package that spaCy requires?

I also converted the notebooks into .py scripts and running from the console, but the same results: In one virtual environment it runs about 10x slower.

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