python – Conda Create Environment from requirements.txt


I downloaded a github project and need the EXACT requirements to run this project (Pytorch/CNN).

There is a requirements.txt file and would therefore like to install all packages in a new environment.

First, I tried to use pip install requirements.txt in a new created environment, but it got really bugged and there were some conflicts so I had to install some packages manually, which leaded to more conflicts (One package seems do need another python version as another one)

Afterwards I mixed coda/pip, which lead to some dependency issues…

So currently I try to use conda create --name wnetnn --file ./requirements.txt.

But it returns the following:

CondaValueError: could not parse ' p y d e n s e c r f   @   g i t + h t t p s : / / g i t h u b . c o m / l u c a s b - e y e r / p y d e n s e c r f . g i t @ 0 d 5 3 a c b c f 5 1 2 3 d 4 c 8 8 0 4 0 f e 6 8 f b b 9 8 0 5 f c 5 b 2 f b 9 ' in: ./requirements.txt

Is there any solution for it? Or any other approach? If not, may it be also an solution to create an empty conda environment and try to install all packages with conda from txt file manually.

Thank you SO much! 🙂

-> Windows 10Pro 64bit, Anaconda Navigator 2.2.0 -> And all python version used in environments from 3.4 to 3.9

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