[pulseaudio] OpenHAB 3.2.0 Pulseaudio RAOP sinks do not support playback other than 16le 2ch 44.1kHz – Bindings

Dear community,

My OpenHAB 3.2.0 setup makes use of PulseAudio RAOP sinks. While I have no issues to play back audio WAV files with 16le 2ch 44.1kHz and the mp3 files included in the OpenHAB setup (barking.mp3, doorbell.mp3), I fail to play back any other type of audio source.

In particular, I selected a PulseAudio RAOP sink as the OpenHAB default audio sink. When outputting voice output from the MaryTTS engine, the output is high pitched and extremely fast. This error reminds me of the issue PulseAudio as Sink is Playing back Way to Fast. From what I learned there, this problem should have been resolved with OpenHAB 3.2.0 which I currently use. Besides, I also installed the pulseaudio jar file manually, but this also did not change the mentiond behavior.

When playing back an mp3 encoded in 256 kBit/s, the connection was established to the sink, but there was no audio output to hear.

Does anybody has suggestions as how to overcome this issue?

Thanks a lot

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