PulseAudio maximum sample rate is misdetected

Currently, squeezelite reports the PulseAudio default sample rate to LMS as the maximum sample rate.

When this is 44.1 kHz, trying to play 48kHz audio from BBC Sounds fails. Playback doesn’t start, and the following error appears in the LMS log:

[21-05-06 22:53:25.7889] Slim::Player::Song::open (415) Error: Couldn't create command line for aac playback for [sounds://_m000vqvj_m000vqvl_14]

Local high-sample-rate files do not seem to suffer from the same problem.

I’m tempted to suggest that we should set the default maximum sample rate to PA_RATE_MAX (192 kHz 384 kHz) when using PulseAudio, and let it deal with any downsampling if required.

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