Project name reverts after saving gcode

Application Version



Windows 10


Creality Ender 5

Reproduction steps

  1. Start Cura
  2. drag and drop stl file into Cura
  3. Slice stl file and save gcode file.
  4. Saved project file (3mf & html)
  5. deleted current sliced object (either ctrl-D or Delete key)
  6. drag and drop new stl file into Cura
  7. Slice and save gcode file
  8. Project name reverts to prior name

Actual results

See #8 above. Note. Problem occurs when either type of Project file is saved (3mf or html or 3mf & html) See attached images.
Step #3
Step #6
Step #7

Expected results

I expect the name (CE_wheel_pivot_V2) shown in Step #6 to remain until a new gcode file is loaded.

If this is considered normal, than I would request a new feature to allow user configuration of this.

Checklist of files to include

  • [ ] Log file
  • [ ] Project file

Additional information & file uploads

I believe that the above documents the problem. I consider this very aggravating, but does not affect the output quality, other than unintentionally overwriting a project file.

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