Problems encountered when running VirtualBox

I haven’t run VirtualBox for a while. Today, when I want to use it to open the Linux virtual machine, the following error prompt pops up:

Error relaunching VirtualBox VM process: 5
Command line: ’60eaff78-4bdd-042d-2e72-669728efd737 -suplib-3rdchild —
comment WinXP – -startvm b8215d6g-8ddI 4bfa-9dbf-5bI 8659454f2 –no-
startvm-errormsgbox –sup-hardening-log=D:\VirtualBoxVMs\WinXP\Logs\VBoxHardening.log'(rc=-104)
Please try reinstalling VirtualBox.
where: supR3HardenedWinReSpawn what: 5 VERR_INVALID_NAME (-104) –
Invalid (malformed) file/path name. [/i]

Do I need to uninstall anti-virus software?

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