pop os – Can’t upgrade Pop version

I recently installed a software called, ‘FaceSwap’ and followed their steps.

At one point it asked me if I wanted to change Pipewire version which was a required step. I hit yes and everything was fine. Yesterday I tried to install a newer version of Pop, but got an error:

failed to update system: client error: calling FetchUpdates method failed: failed to exec ‘apt-get full-upgrade –print-uris’: status is unknown: exit status 100

I then tried updating packages with sudo apt upgrade, but got this error:


After doing sudo apt –fix-broken install I got this:


I then just entered pipewire into the terminal and got this:


This hasn’t really bothered me until now, I’ve been trying to upgrade to Pop! version 22.10 and I keep getting this error while trying to.

Anyone know what I should do?

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