Polymer 3D Printing | Boyd Corporation

Build rubber and plastic parts layer by layer with 3D printing, or additive manufacturing. Boyd leverages the speed of 3D printing to produce rapid prototypes which enables fast product development for complex silicone and plastic products. We employ various methods of production for plastic and silicone prototypes, including several 3D printing methods.

3D Printing comes with crucial advantages. Complex geometries that are difficult in other production methods are easily produced with 3D printing. Challenging features such as undercuts, re-entrant angles, hollow spaces, and through holes that change directions are much simpler with 3D printing.

3D printing can drastically reduce production times as there are limited to no tooling requirements. Part geometries can easily be changed digitally, fabricated, and tested, allowing designers to iterate and refine products quickly. With reduced tooling costs, development time, and design risk, 3D printing is an ideal choice for complex polymer products.

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